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Published: June 10, 2022 (3 weeks ago)


You have a CSV file, probably from an online flight review website such as or
The database apparently contains the information you need.
If you look in the file you will see a lot of lines with two sets of data separated by a semi-colon.
The information is a little disjointed but I think you’ll find the information you need there.
It’s probably best to make a small tool or script to parse the file into a more structured format (e.g. JSON).

The present invention relates to a spinal fixation system comprising of a substantially vertically disposed rod, at least two vertebral members that secure the rod on either side of an injured vertebra, and a vertically disposed plate having a bearing surface and a cavity therein.
Over the past three decades, orthopedic surgical procedures for correcting spinal injuries or diseases in humans have improved and developed. The types of procedures have also expanded. For example, the use of spinal surgery for introducing bone grafts into the disc spaces between the vertebrae to promote fusion and maintain intervertebral spacing, has been used successfully to treat a variety of spinal injuries or diseases.
While many conventional fusion procedures are successful, they have shortcomings including long operative times and high costs. Accordingly, these types of conventional fusion procedures are generally reserved for patients who have significant spinal pathology that are especially resistant to conservative management.
Furthermore, although spinal fixation is a standard technique for repairing injury to, or removing disease from, any of the bones and joints in the body, using conventional technology, spinal fixation of the human spine is a difficult and delicate surgery. Oftentimes, bone or soft tissue fixation devices will loosen or back out of bone, thereby requiring revision surgery to secure the fixations.
As such, there is a need for spinal fixation technology that reduces the possibility that the fixation device will loosen or back out of the bone, as well as reducing the possibility of revision surgery.
A spinal fixation system for the lumbar spine typically includes two screws, or more, that are engaged with respective vertebrae to fix the location of the vertebrae with respect to each other. The vertebrae are kept a specific distance apart to achieve a stable fixation, such as that achieved by rods that connect vertebrae to each other.
In spinal fixation procedures, pedicle screws can be inserted into the pedicle portion of the vertebral body. Proper placement of


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