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Property Edit 2.19 Crack With Product Key Free Download [Mac/Win]

1. Free download to investigate and inspect PE files on Windows.
2. Quickly inspect PE files to figure out other details such as file attributes, Delphi-VCL and colors.
3. Separate tabs for Delphi-VCL, colors, links and others.
4. Extract icons to file.
5. Find target links.
View headers: MS-DOS, NT/2000, ELF, PE
View file attributes: caption, class name, app instance, handle history, author, package
View linkers: Delphi-VCL, mono, C++ Builder
View debug info: symbols, bytes, relocations
View debug strings: views, forwarders, same protection, protectors, initialized, same, overlay, override
View debugger header: debug header
View debugger entries: on, off, dump, free, process, load, public
View public names: ntoskrnl, ntdll, gdi32, winsock, winsock2, ws2_32, shell32, shell32_dll, kernel32, ntdll_dll, dinput8, dinput8_dll, ws2tcpip, libsndfile, libsndfile_dll, libjpeg, libjpeg_dll, libpng, libpng_dll, libmng, libmng_dll, libtiff, libtiff_dll, libdc1394, libdc1394_dll, libjpeg_turbo, libjpeg_turbo_dll, libz, ws2_32, opencl, opencl_dll, libpng16, libpng16_dll, libjpeg-turbo16, libjpeg-turbo16_dll, mce, mce_dll, libusb-1.0, libusb_dll, winsock2_32, opencl_amd, opencl_amd_dll, libmng_dll, gdiplus, gdiplus_dll, pnacl_dll, libgdiplus, libgdiplus_dll, vfw_core, vfw_audiodev, vfw_audiodev_dll, dsound, dsound_dll, vfw_core_win

Property Edit 2.19

The KEYMACRO utility allows you to edit the header of a PE file in real time.
It lets you make unlimited changes to the first 80 bytes of a file, which contain the code and data sections. This feature allows you to customize how the file is loaded, thus changing the symbols stored in the.exe file. For instance, you can use KEYMACRO to detect the value of a particular symbol (e.g. string, resource, type library) by comparing it with a constant value. You can even decide to execute the file as a special file or modify its characteristics.
* Support for different versions of the PE file format
* Full control of the PE file structure
* Importing/Exporting compressed or encrypted resources
* Support for PE file-in-file editing
* Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows
* Save changes back to the original file
* Built-in help
* Low-level interface
Key Features:
* Support for any version of Windows
* Support for raw, file, and PE file-in-file editing
* Support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
* Support for compressed and encrypted resources
* Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
* Full control of the PE file structure
* Importing/Exporting compressed or encrypted resources
* Built-in help
* Low-level interface
* Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
* It also allows you to edit a PE file in-place, without extracting it
* It allows you to import/export compressed/encrypted resources
* Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 2008, 2012
* Open Source / Freeware
The KEYMACRO utility is a quite handy utility for the creation and modification of the PE header without requiring to extract the PE file.

With this clever and free utility, you can add/remove/change the header fields of any kind of Windows program files (binaries,.DLL,.EXE,.MSI,.OCX,.SYS,.SYS32,.SCR,.ASM) as per your requirement. This utility is quite useful for inserting/exiting the conditional execution code without changing the execution of the file. After changing the code section, you can even download the modified file

Property Edit 2.19 Crack License Key Full Free

– View PE properties (Image size, Header checksum, resources, imports, exports, modules, size of code, size of image, size of data, signatures, alignment, debug info, version info and resource types)
– View Delphi-VCL properties (color, parent, owner, caption, class name and other fields)
– View properties related to icons (icon index, size, color, image, file, catalog, location, file version and properties)
– View properties of form objects (name, caption, title, format, owner, position, size, class name, event procedure)
– View properties of controls (caption, title, text, image index, color, background color, scale factor, parent, owner, location, size, properties)
– View the properties of tree items (caption, title, properties)
– Compute checksum
– Find out target resources
– Search for target files
– View compression, fixed and dynamic
– Display PE optional header
– View debug info
– View file version information
– Display information about resources
– Display information about common Windows headers and footers
– Display copyright, product name, and version information
– Display the date and time information
– Display product name and version number
– Display build-in and user-installed fonts
– Display all Web links
– Display all document links
– Display all OCX files
– Display all OCX/ActiveX controls
– Extract icons
– Search for target resources
– Display properties of OCX and ActiveX controls
– View properties of OCX and ActiveX controls
– Remove unwanted icons
– Export data
– Create backup file
– Open file with default app
– Open with default program
– Extract file
– Find the file by string
– Change file attributes
– View fonts
– Save image to file
– View other files
– Paste clipboard text
– Save to file
– R+W file
– Removes unwanted files and folders
– Cut file and folder
– Cut file and folder
– Create shortcuts
– Create shortcut
– Create file
– Create folder
– Get next directory
– Get next file
– Get next folder
– Get next folder
– Launch default program
– Open file with default app
– Open with default program
– Open folder
– Open folder
– Open with default program
– Open with default program
– Read and write file
– Ren

What’s New in the Property Edit?

Evaluation and conclusion
As expected, the utility didn't hog system resources in our tests, thanks to the fact that it needed low CPU and RAM to work properly. It didn't hang, crash or prompt error messages. Too bad that it hasn't been updated for a long time, though. Otherwise, Property Edit is quite useful in examining many technical details behind Windows PE files.

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