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Is it possible to know if a file is shared on Facebook or not?

Is there a way to know if a file is shared on facebook or not?
I was trying to use but it didn’t seem to work.


Facebook developers have documented it here.
There’s also a page on what information is available via a “Shared Item” link.
In short, this link won’t be available to you unless the file you share is in your Facebook “Shared Links” folder, but if you share a link via the Facebook mobile apps, it should be available.


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Surname Kumanovsky Given Name Sergei Born 11 Jan 1905 Died 11 Jan 1944 Country Soviet Union Category Science-Engineer Gender Male

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Copy/Paste your Mechset.ini to C:Program FilesR.G. MechanicsFar Cry 3 and rename it as Mechset.ini
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