by tomtomeasy
Published: May 26, 2021 (4 weeks ago)

We release maps once every quarter to keep you updated with all the changes that happen around that period. To update your GPS device, you need to install TomTom Home on your computer. It is quite easy to update the map by following the on-screen prompt after running the update tool. However, sometimes the device is not able to update for various reasons. You will need our Tomtom Map support in those situations.

Some common questions with which we help our customers:
I have a new GPS device. How do I start using it?
I’ve just got a new map, what to do now?
I want to buy an update on my map.
How to update the map for which I already have a subscription?
I want to buy a new map of a different area.
How do I check my map subscription?
How do I know my map is up to date?
If you have these questions in mind or have any problems with the GPS device, you need to contact our customer support.
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