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Using grunt-contrib-stylus, how do I generate output in a directory named ‘theme’ in the same location as the.styl files

I’m currently using this grunt configuration:
stylus: {
options: {
src: [‘js/app.styl’],
watch: true
build: {
optimize: ‘advanced’

The.styl files are at /app/styles/theme.
The directory I’m getting the generated CSS in is at /app/styles/build/theme/, as I would expect. But I’m also getting a directory for the other project styles/build/theme/, and that’s not what I want.
The directory structure:
– styles
– theme
– css
– app.styl
– app.css
– app.css

How do I get the generated files to go in the correct directory?


This is a little late but I’ve had the same issue.