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Published: June 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Drumsynth a la Kraftwerk with multiple outputs. The plugin features decay, pitch and mod controls of individual drums.









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Drum synth a la Kraftwerk using multiple outputs.
The plugin features decay, pitch and mod controls of individual drums. 

Drumsynth a la Kraftwerk – Features

Multiple outputs in MPE

Drumsynth a la Kraftwerk – Details

Drumsynth a la Kraftwerk – Individual Drum Controls
Pitch is set with LFO
Mod is set with LFO



‘DrumSynth a la Kraftwerk’ is not from Native Instruments)

I am pretty sure that – you are looking for a plugin which simulates the sound-chaining of the classic ’80’s analogue gear.
Such plugins can be found in the “Vintage” category.
I believe that the brands mentioned in your question – Multi-Phase Echo and GTG – would be the better ones.

‘Multi-Phase Echo’ is a brilliant plugin with the option to use various (non-repetitive) echoes – as from an Echoplex, Parametric EQ, Reverb, Stereo Imager, Delays, various other inserts etc.
If you need a commercial alternative (for hard or Open-Source) you could also check out:

‘Slap’ from
‘2nds’ from Alyosound (Alter Ego)
‘Vintage’ from NKS AudioLab (CoolEdit)

The NKS AudioLab has these “great sounding” ‘Vintage’ plugins – and one of them is even free. ;)

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GTG Zapkit Free Download is based upon the ease and simplicity of the very first GTG drone synthesizer from the early 80’s. This version is for at least the older Roland GR series of synths and for any those who are not completely into owning vintage synths.
GTG Zapkit from Monark is a polyphonic and flexible tool for any kind of sound you can imagine. The 16-voice multiline is easily controlled with knobs, faders and key controllers. The internal sequencer and time scales are settable with a DAW. A powerful CPU has been put into the synth to process all notes in realtime! You get 32 step positions, 64 tunable subchannels, crossover, a very dynamic filter, stereo expand and a very wide range of different effects, everything prepared to give a professional sound.
• 16 multichannel
• 64 sub chorus
• 64 sublead
• 288 step sequencer
• 64 tunable subchannels
• 64 tunable sublead
• 144 steps for normal wavetable
• 32 step positions
• 64 step positions for wavetable
• 32 step positions for wavetable – expanded to 64 on mono
• 2x Moog ladder filters
• Moog ladder filter
• Moog low pass filter
• Moog high pass filter
• Moog band pass filter
• Moog ring modulator
• Moog ring modulator (max + 8 Voices)
• Moog gate effect (max + 8 Voices)
• Moog dual modulator (max + 8 Voices)
• Moog delay
• Moog echo
• Moog mix
• Moog pan
• 2x analog delay
• 2x analog echo
• Dynamics section
• 8 to 64 step sequencer (adjustable with the feedback)
• Detuning in Play mode
• Auto BPM sync
• 30 CV Inputs
• 64 n Step sequencer (Adjustable with the feedback)
• 44n Step sequencer (Adjustable with the feedback)
• 30n Step sequencer (Adjustable with the feedback)
• 16n Step sequencer (Adjustable with the feedback)
• Logic in/out
• 88 key keyboard
• 88 key keyboard
• 1 x 4 way rotary fader
• 1 x 8 way rotary fader
• CV Input
• CV/Gate Input
• AC coupled
• 1 x 16

GTG Zapkit Crack + Keygen For (LifeTime) For Windows

The GTG Zapkit features two programs. You can activate the traditional SLATE filter, or up/down/left/right controls to change its cutoff and resonance frequency. You can also add more frequencies to the filter by pressing the ESC key, and then a number between the 0 and 30. Then press SPACE to stop editing it.

Symbolic Filter for MOXA

Transform your favorite sounds or sounds from your library into over 20 different filters. From lowpass to very high highpass. You can use the filter for extra gain and bandpass to boost or cut frequencies. Adjust the filter cutoff and resonance. You can choose between fixed or variable cutoff. Add many options in the sidechain, such as lowpass, bandpass, highpass and the different combinations of them. There’s also a chorus option.

Symbolic Make-Up

Your own personal vocal synth with a lot of powerful options. Synthesize different voices with the oscillator, choose between wideband and normal voice. Vocals can be processed further with the envelope follower and lfo. The vocoder can be used as synthesizer or vocoder. You can add FX such as reverbs, delays, reverb modulators, phasers, flangers, chorus, delay and even a tremolo LFO can be used with the LFO and the Voltage control. 

Symbolic Synthese

The most powerful synth in the industry. Synthesize drums with the SLATE filter. It uses the 22 harmonics of the waveform to create the most varied and complex drum patterns. Other uses of the filter include putting it on a standard voice, making it ring and pitch bend its transposed. The filter can be used as a chorus, a phase shifter and as a highpass filter with the ESC key. There’s also a lowpass mode with the CAPS button. There are also other new features, like a reverse button. There’s even a LFO for the HOLD function!


All sounds can be added and edited with ease. You can import many different types of samples. You can save the effects as standard presets. And they’re all easy to trigger with modulation such as LFO, envelopes and pitch controls. Synthesizers are versatile. They take a

What’s New In?

Zapkit is a massive overdrive stompbox that features two configurable overdrive units and a host of quality effects including distortion, chorus, reverb, flanger, pitch shifter and multi-mode filter.
Reverb and delay should be used as your gain controls.  Try at least a 5khz / quarter note clip.  You’ll need to experiment to find the right mix
Here’s what you need to do:
1. Open three pop 3lps and match them.
2. Find an eq and plug your compressor into it.
3. Mix well, the compressor should cut out lower frequencies.  For example, if your compressor has
Q = -6db, S= 28db (c1), T= 60db (c2), EQ the compressor should be at most at the Q value, in other words
the compressor should clip at -6db.
4. Find your volume control and bring it all the way down. 
5. Find your limiter at the highest threshold.
6. Since you’re using EQ the compressor should cut out even lower frequencies and maybe even more. 
7. Find your volume control once again and bring it down.
8. Find a gate that has a good free gate signal at the bottom. 
9. Find your overdrive and plug it in to your overdrive channel. 
10. Blend your overdrive in with the other two (or a clip if your original mix is not good enough).
11. Play with the settings on your overdrive. 
12. Add whatever effect you like, like if it’s chorus or flanger, etc.
13. Test out the sound by going through your effects.  If your overdrive is cutting out lower frequencies, then you have to cut them out further. 
14. If you got better results than the EQ settings and overdrive settings I will go ahead and make the two EQ
settings, but only if you have a stock of the original sounds in the pop 3lps.

This link is to a full MP3 file of this demo track. It works as a loop for this demo track or to play the demo track.

System Requirements For GTG Zapkit:

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, i7
Memory: 6GB RAM
HDD: 25GB free space
Publisher: GoldenGate Games
Developer: GoldenGate Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Simulation
Release Date: 9th May 2018
ESRB: Teen
Price: $19.99
Let’s talk about the best Metroidvania-style platformer I’ve played