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Kalom () (Arabic: كلوم ) is a Lebanese international NGO that works in the field of gender based violence against women. The word Kalom is derived from the French and literally means ‘knowledge’ or ‘the practice of knowledge’. Kalom works through community based organizations in the four districts of Jabal el-Sheikh, a mountainous region of Lebanon.

Main activities

Kalom works in the following ways:
It provides health services to girls and women through gynecological examinations and care.
It promotes women’s rights and gender equality with the public.
It cooperates with the community-based organizations and its activities are based on the theory of change
It works for social and cultural change.

Operating areas

Kalom works in the following areas:
Community based organizations
Social media


Kalom was founded in 1996 as a Swiss-based organization that provides free gynecological care to Syrian refugee women in Lebanon. Kalom was a pioneer in providing free gynecological care in the camp. It was then transferred to the Lebanese-based NGO, Asbestos.In 2007 Kalom and Asbestos officially merged to become Kalom, changing their name into Kalom meaning knowledge in Arabic. The reason behind the decision to change their name was the continuous contact with the Lebanese Lebanese community and so to reflect their increasing Lebanese identity. Today, Kalom is one of the most active non-governmental organizations on women’s rights in Lebanon.

Kalom has been offering free gynecological examinations to refugees in five refugee camps in Lebanon since 1996.
Kalom provides gynecological care for abused women
Kalom helps women seeking divorce to stand up and fight for their rights.
Kalom has been working with the community to provide free care for abandoned and pregnant children for over twenty years.
Kalom promotes women’s rights through partnering with community based organizations and women’s organizations in the four districts of Jabal el-Sheikh, Lebanon.

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Kalom official website

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