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Adele – 25 (Deluxe Edition).rar

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Adele – 25 (Deluxe Edition).rar

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Humans’ urge to tell the truth to the rest of the universe might be much more powerful than we have previously thought. Scientists have discovered that the ability of the human brain to lie — or to contradict itself — is modulated by a very simple physiological process, called the “perception of self-relevance.”

When lying about insignificant matters, the brain deceives itself into thinking that the statement is of little consequence to the organism. But when the brain is forced to acknowledge some pressing truth, it has to fight against this false self-identity, engaging the body in a response known as “inhibition.” The brain often succumbs to this irresistible urge to hold onto what it has identified as false, and lies. This is what makes some lies so hard to uncover, even when we know they are not true.

Kathy Calvin/Scientific American

The findings, published in November in the journal Current Biology, suggest that the nature of lies has changed over time: that lying is not an idle behavior to be tacked on to other actions in a simplified mental script. Rather, it may be an integral part of a suite of strategies to get the brain to think the statement is false. The social nature of this cognitive ability may have co-evolved with communication between humans and other creatures, the researchers posit. And understanding this physiological function may help uncover the neural basis for lying in human and animal brains, and for devising treatments for those with lying issues.

“I think that it’s a very important message. It shows that lying is not an